Burhan Sönmez

Burhan Sönmez is a Turkish prize-winning novelist. His first novel, North (Kuzey), was published in 2009 in Turkey. His second novel, Sins and Innocents (Masumlar), was published in 2011. His third novel, Istanbul Istanbul, was published in 2015.

He received “Disturbing the Peace” award given by Vaclav Havel Library Foundation in New York (2017).

He’s awarded the EBRD Literature Prize in London (2018) for his novel Istanbul Istanbul.

Sins and Innocents has received the Sedat Simavi Literature Prize, a most prestigious literature award in Turkey.

His novels are being published in more than thirty countries such as by Gallimard (France), OR Books (USA), btb Random House (Germany), Turbine (Denmark), Nottetempo (Italy), Polirom (Romania), Klimaty (Poland), Dituria (Albania), Antares (Armenia), Thaqafa (Arabic), Lis (Kurdish), Opus (Croatia), Hohe (Ethiopia), Joshua Könyvek (Hungary), Jumhoori (Pakistan), Nepko (Mongolia), Del Vecchio (Italy), Evro Giunti (Serbia), Qanun (Azerbaijani), A.Libris (Macedonia).