Tato and Martirossian

Meet the sisters Martirossian.

Tato is an educator and writer, Astrid is an illustrator and animator.

Tato studied Arabic and Linguistics at the universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht and currently works at the University of Delft as an instructor of Dutch as a second language. She also writes stories under the moniker Tato Schrijft, dealing with her personal adventures of integrating in Dutch culture as a child (‘Zwaluwzang’), and sharing humorous observations she makes during her extensive train travels (‘Treinen met Tato’).

Astrid studied animation at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and works as a freelance designer. Although not academically trained in linguistics, she shares her sisters’ love for language and enjoys reading literature about the subject – or reading in general, really. She also works as an artist under the moniker Marti’s Creatures.