Asis Aynan

Asis Aynan (1980) studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Aynan, the son of Moroccan immigrants, is an active advocate of Berber culture. His debut Veldslag en Andere Herinneringen (Battle and Other Memories) was published in 2007, about his youth or, as he calls it, his “Catholic-Islamic-Berber background”.

Aynan is the creator of the Berber Library, a series of classics from Berber countries translated into Dutch. His book Ik, Drisseen verslag van een Marokkaan over zijn gastarbeidersjaren (I, Driss: a report by a Moroccan about his years as a migrant worker), which he wrote together with Hassan Bahara, is a collection of the serial that appeared in the NRC. His short-story collection Gebed zonder eind(Endless Prayer) was published in 2014. Anan works as a teacher at Hogeschool van Amsterdam; his articles have appeared in the NRC, Het Parool and Folia.