Andro Biswane

Andro Biswane is a musician. As a ten-year-old boy he moved from Suriname to the Netherlands in 1975. It didn’t take long before he was holding a guitar at the local conservatory.

Between 84 and 87 he studied classical guitar at the Rotterdam conservatory. Made curious by guitarists like Santana, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian en George Benson, he decided to study Jazz as well. He graduated from the Rotterdam conservatory in 1996.

Andro worked with bands and musicians like the Afro-Jazz group Fra Fra Sound, Lester Bowie, David Murray, Toumani Diabate, Andy Narrel, Denise Jannah, Ryan Shaw, ‘five great guitars’ van Jan Kuiper, Habib Koite, Simon Thoumire, Wu Wei. With his own band Kara Dara he released his first CvD in 2010.