Alara Adilow

Alara Adilow (1988) (she/her) is a poet and author of Somali descent residing in Amsterdam. She is studying part-time Law at the Open University and is pursuing a writing program with a focus on prose at the Amsterdam Writers’ School. She lived in Leicester, United Kingdom for ten years, where she studied hip-hop production and vocals. She has performed on stages in the Netherlands, Germany, and Flanders. In 2019, she reached the finals of the National Poetry Slam in the Netherlands, and in 2020, she participated in the NOORDWOORD poetry talent program. Currently, she is involved in the multi-year Building a Bridge project, collaborating with poets from Bremen on a literary performance. In 2022, Alara was selected as a resident writer for the queer and transgender community at the Arnhem museum. She was a guest writer for the magazine nY in 2021, where she received guidance to begin her novella, “Needle of the Sun.”

Alara has published poetry in DB Warande, De Gids, Sample Kanon, De Revisor, Tirade, Po√ęziekrant, and on platforms such as Oote-oote, DIG, and De Optimist. Her debut poetry collection, “Mythen en stoplichten” (Myths and Traffic Lights), was published by Prometheus in April 2022. In addition to writing, she is also a podcast maker. Her podcast “Postkolonialisme en archieven” (Postcolonialism and Archives) invites poets and writers to engage with archives related to (post)colonialism.