Karima el Fillali

Karima el Fillali (1987) is a singer and performer. Born to a Dutch mother and a Moroccan father, she started her artistic career in the Netherlands. During her travels to Morocco, she became fascinated by her homeland’s spiritual musical traditions. When she met her teacher – a grandmaster and Sufi singer – she dedicated herself to studying the art of Tarab: Music that brings the listener to a state of ecstasy and into an experience of something bigger than oneself.

After returning to The Netherlands, Karima applied what she had learned and soon became known for her authentic homages to Oum Kolthoum – but also for more experimental work, often characterized by cultural influences from Africa, Europe, and The Middle East.

She has collaborated with renowned artists like Malian diva Oumou Sangare and Moroccan Gnawa master Mahmoud Guinea and received an Award of Honor from the Minister of Culture of Morocco for her cultural contributions.

Foto: Alwin Poiana