Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics

13 Oct 2017
8 PM

The radio show ‘Filthy Mouth, Dirty Politics’ experiments with transgressive speech acts, filthy, vulgar language, radical feminism and digital and sonic (non) spaces – unapologetically demanding center stage for the outspoken selfrepresentation of minoritized identities.

What are the pockets in time and space, the sonic resistance, the intense frequencies, that we can create with and for each other and that move beyond the policed, gendered and ultimately powerless language (and language of powerlessness) that is imposed on people? The live radio show is an ode to ‘Hardcore Honey: bell hooks Goes on the Down Low with Lil’ Kim’ – a conversation between scholar bell hooks and rapper Lil’ Kim published in Paper Magazine shortly after the release of Lil’ Kim’s album Hardcore in 1997. Together with poets, musicians, artists and audience, we assert and transmit our feminist relationships to hiphop, transgressive languages and the communities they emerged from.

With Derica Shields & Fred Hystère
A program by Maria Guggenbichler & Amal Alhaag