Opening Night

20:30 uur

Meet our international guests! What drives them? How do they care for the world, each other and themselves? A night filled with literature, music and good conversation on three different stages in the Tolhuistuin.

Our co-creators from Germany, France and Belgium will tell us why they are fans of the writers they brought with them to the festival.

Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, Fatma Aydemir and Simone Dede Ayivi are currently rocking the German literary world with their columns, bestselling books and plays. They are outspoken and will not hesitate to touch on a delicate subject: the German image of self with its ideal of integration.

Podcaster and writer Grace Ly and novelist Anna Moï talk about their experiences as Asians in Europe. A conversation about the lasting imprint of colonialism and the importance of passing on (family) stories.

Writer and columnist Dalilla Hermans stormed the opinion pages and bookstores in Belgium, as singer-songwriter IKRAAAN stormed the music charts. They will talk about the value of sisterhood and reveal their source of power.

The Opening Night is traditionally accompanied by music. This year the multi-talented Eva van Manen, jazz singer Bahghi and singer-songwriters IKRAAAN and Karima el Fillali will perform on the Read My World stage.

Moderator: Myriam Sahraoui, Canan Marasligil and Roziena Salihu.

Read My World and the coronavirus

Because of Covid-19 and the safety for our visitors, on Friday and Saturday only so called ‘routes’-tickets’ are being sold. All routes exist of 3 programs.

– On Friday there are 3 routes (A t/m C) to choose from
– On Saturday there are 3 routes (D t/m F) to choose from

Donderdag (Opening Night)
All visitors will attend the same program, but will be split up at the festival entry. It will be a surprise who you’ll see!

Good to know:
– Each route has a guide who’s there for all information
– There are no single program tickets being sold
– You cannot combine the routes
– Route capacity is limited!
– There is enough time to have a break (or a meal!) during the routes