Opening Night

8:30 PM
End 9:30
Language: English, with translation in Dutch and Dutch Sign Language*

During the opening night of Read My World 2023, we proudly present our two amazing curators for this year, Azieb Pool and Lola Shoneyin, and of course, all the international guests they have brought to Amsterdam!

Expect an enchanting evening filled with stories, poetry, and music that will give you shivers, ranging from warm chills to cold and seductive shivers sliding like ice cubes down your spine and into your pants…

An evening filled with momentum and an intellectual journey through the artistic worlds of our special guests, served on a platter of their favorite music, expertly mixed by the DJ with the finest sense of drama(turgy), DJ LOVESUPREME.

*The program will be held in English. Dutch and English translations will be projected on the screen. An interpreter will translate to Dutch Sign Language.

Host: Smita James