Translation Workshop

4:30 PM
End 5:50 PM
Language: English and Dutch

Do you like stories? Are you curious about how we carry stories from one language into another? How do we keep its rhythm, emotions, word play? Translation is a creative act, every literary translator, at one point in their work, will face doubts, questions, and will also have to make decisions that may betray (or not!) the original. Translators too need to be creative. In this afternoon workshop, we invite you to work together with Jenny Mijnhijmer, translator of a.o. Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider to Dutch, on a short story in English by Kit de Waal, one of the international writers at this year’s Read My World Festival. The story is called “The Things We Ate” and is part of Common People, an anthology of working-class writers, edited by Kit de Waal.

Everyone is welcome! The working languages during the workshop will be Dutch and English, but you can also translate the story into any language you want. What matters here is the conversations and exchanges we will all have as a group. There will be the chance to ask questions, read your translations if you wish to, and have a collective experience of a story and how we all interpret it with our imaginations and biographies.