Translation Slam: The Poetry of Vladimir Lucien

9:30 PM

Translation is a creative act; it is also one that is engrained in one’s own biography. Have you ever wondered how literary translation works? What choices different translators make, based on their life experiences and their knowledge? During this translation slam, we invite the audience behind the scenes of translation

Prior to the event, two translators will be asked to translate – independently and without consulting each other, the same poem by Vladimir Lucien, one of the international guests of this 10th edition of Read My World.  During the Translation Slam, they present their finished work to you and to each other.

Both translators are asked to discuss their choices and the emotions behind these. The public is also encouraged to ask questions and join the conversation. We focus on the process and the journey that take translators to create the new work.

For this programme, we also ask a dancer to translate the poem into movement, so that the audience and the translators have the chance to discover that translation is not only an act involving the mind and the heart, but also our whole body.