Revolutionary Folktales

9 PM
End 9:50 PM
Language: English*

Since we were little, stories have been our compass, guiding us to find meaning and understanding of the world. They’re like windows into different perspectives, allowing us to share our own views with others. And when it comes to folktales, they hold a special place in our cultural heritage, passed down from generation to generation for centuries. These timeless tales have woven themselves into the very fabric of diverse cultures worldwide, standing strong throughout history.

But get ready for a radical twist! In our quest for Revolutionary Folktales, we’ve asked three writers to (re-)imagine a folktale or craft a short story infused with a revolutionary spirit.

Join us on this exhilarating journey where tradition collides with revolution. Let’s explore the power of storytelling and unleash the potential for transformative narratives.

*Readings are in Dutch, English and Ukrainian and will be provided with English subtitles.