A Collapse of Time

7:30 PM
End 8:30 PM
Language: English

“Death, loss, is but a mere disturbance in a capitalist society. Functioning in accordance to its rules is paramount. But if you look closely you can find a small escape built into this logic. Depending on cultural or religious norm, time can be stretched beyond the allotted timeframe. But it does not stretch infinitely. Any means of escape should be taken immediately.” – Muhiba Botan

Placed outside of time, poets, musicians and documentary makers share works on the reverberation, resonance and concussion in the after math of death and their grieving methods. An intermezzo on the drums will brings us into contact with ancestors, ending with a collective grieving ritual to share and take home.

With an introduction by Muhiba Botan, documentary directed by WanaWana, raging drums by Michelle Samba and poetry by Logan February and Ashley Nkechi Igwe.