A Letter to My Ancestor

4 Sep 2021
21:30 uur
Grote zaal

History becomes the stories we tell each other over and over but also what is left out of those stories. What remains unsaid, in our history books and national narratives, survives in our family stories. For it is within these stories that it becomes clear how much lived history is layered.  These histories about which we can still remain painfully silent, or cautiously tell each other about, or endlessly discuss with one another.

How do we care for the stories of our ancestors and how do we pass on these memories to the next generation? Three creators with roots in Vietnam, Anna Moï, Indonesia, Lara Nuberg and the Caribbean, Quinsy Gario, write a letter to their ancestors.

The Moluccan-Dutch group Tiga Batang Rumah puts into sound their family history. Together they explore how colonial histories live on, how much they themselves are rooted in those histories and how we can better understand our own position in the world by deepening our knowledge of the personal histories of our ancestors.

Moderator: Nancy Jouwe