Black Netherlands meets Black USA

14 Oct 2017
12 - 17 PM

For some years, the Netherlands has witnessed a renewed interest in issues relating to Black identity, Dutch citizenship, and representation. These discussions are new to many Dutch people, especially when linked to four centuries of colonial history.

And yet there has been a Black presence in the Netherlands for over five centuries. ‘Black Holland’ refers to notions and representations of the Black presence in the Netherlands over the centuries and how this has been visualized in history, fine art, literature, heritage, theatre and film.

What is the relationship between Black Holland and the Black United States? Dutch and American scientists, curators and artists have their say in a series of lectures, panel discussions and performances. They give their view of the connections between Black citizenship, migration, (post)colonialism, art, heritage and Dutch cultural identity, linking history and present day. Scientific examples and case studies are discussed in an accessible manner.