Bijlmer Boekt! Read My World

11 Oct 2017
8 PM

Bijlmer Boekt! is an evening-filling programme featuring literature, stories, music and festivities in South-East Amsterdam. Literary presentations are intertwined with spoken word, music, hip-hop, stand-up comedy, dance and theatre performances.

Bijlmer Boekt! is a world-class literary variety show, presented by writer and initiator Christine Otten. This edition of Bijlmer Boekt! was inspired by the theme of this year’s Read My World festival: Black USA. Expect surprising theatrical performances, moving and challenging passages and soulful music. This programme is part of a series by SLAA, the Bijlmer Parktheater and Christine Otten.

With: Manoushka Zeegelaar BreeveldChuck Perkins, Rickey LaurentiisTalent LabChristine Otten and Pablo Nahar