Agora Lettera presents: The Literary Travellers

13 Oct 2018
9 PM

In “The Literary Travellers” program the award-winning writer Burhan Sönmez tells a story about a voyage that was decisive for his authorship. The multifaceted writer Seray Sahiner from Istanbul writes about the lives of young women in Istanbul. Meltem Halaceli recites a story about what her grandfather’s journey as a soldier during the First World War means to her.

In a correspondence between the two authors and friends, Seray Sahiner and Meltem Halaceli tell each other about their changing lives in the city. They met on a dance floor, but keep running into each other on the protest square. Young poetic talent Kardelen Sivri, winner of the encouragement prize Agora Lettera 2018, recites a poem about leaving her student accommodation. A poem about becoming an adult.

Two musicians from the band Serenace Duygu Alkan and Eren Aksahin play various songs that demonstrate the diverse and rich cultures of Turkey.

In Literary Travellers, established and emerging writers from Turkey and the Netherlands have their say, moderated by Meltem Karabulut on behalf of Agora Lettera.

The program will be in Dutch and – partly – translated from Turkish to English.

This special program was organised by literary society Agora Lettera.