A Rap on Race Revisited

14 Oct 2017
17:00 tot 22:00

The triptych A Rap on Race, Revisited explores the multi-faceted, perceptive and poetic conversation between social critic James Baldwin (1924-1987) and the white anthropologist and museum curator Margaret Mead (1901-1978). Not in selective, witty sound bites, but slowly, word by word. 

Upon its publication as a book in the summer of 1970, the conversation was both applauded and vilified in both the American and Dutch press. How do the words of Baldwin and Mead resonate in 2017?

With Guillermo Blinker, Bea McMahon, Monique Duurvoort and Petra Ponte.

‘If history were the past, history wouldn’t matter. History is the present, the present. You and I are history. We carry our history. We act in our history. We act on it.’
–– James Baldwin

This program takes place at the Framed Framed location in de Tolhuistuin.