The festival will be held from 1 – 3 september 2022 in Tolhuistuin Amsterdam. Check out the floor map here!

You can buy your tickets online or at the door.

Programs will be held in English and Dutch. Check out the program and find out in what language it will be held.

You can have dinner in and around Tolhuistuin.

The ferry at the north of Amsterdam Central Station will bring you to Buiksloterweg, only a few meters from Tolhuistuin. The ferry sails 24/7 and is free of charge. Bus 38 connects Station Noord to Buiksloterweg veer. The stop ‘Buiksloterwegveer’ is directly next to de Tuin.

Tolhuistuin has several locations, all of which are wheelchair accessible. Check out the website of the Tolhuistuin ( for more information.