Current Literary Affairs!

What is it like to be Asian in France? Why is it so hard to talk about race and racism in the country of egalité and universalisme? In the new episode of Current Literary Affairs, journalist Gülden Ilmaz speaks with the French writer and podcaster Grace Ly about literature, cultural identity and the rise of anti-Asian racism in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. And about food. Recorded live at Read My World Festival!

Grace Ly is a writer and podcaster based in Paris, France. Her debut novel “Jeune fille modèle” (Model Teenager) (2018, Fayard) follows the quest of a young French woman of Chinese-Cambodian heritage for a sense of being and belonging in the so-called Chinatown in Paris. Her webseries “Ça reste entre nous” (Just between us) focuses on the diversity of paths, communities and common identities of French Asians along 6 episodes. The podcast “Kiffe ta race”, listed among best French podcasts of 2020 by Apple Podcasts, co-hosted with journalist, writer and director Rokhaya Diallo explores how race affects everyday life in France, an officially colorblind country (Binge audio, 2018-2020).

Current Literary Affairs is a podcast about current events through the lens of literature. Reporter Gülden Ilmaz engages in conversation with writers from all over the world. How do the political circumstances in their country of residence influence their life and work? What are the topics we really should be talking about? CLA brings urgent conversation about fear and hope, outrage and pride, personal and political topics, books and art.
Current Literary Affairs is a podcast by SLAA and Read My World. The podcast is in English. This is the second pilot episode. We hope to back with more.

Production: Kerem Özilhan
Illustration: Astrid Martirossian
This podcast was realized thanks to Productiehuis Noord, the media channel of ‘Verdedig Noord’.